National Geographic April 1925


The Mother of Rivers- -The Great Columbia Ice Field of the Canadian Rockies { The Mother of Rivers: An Account of a Photographic Expedition to the Great Columbia Ice Field of the Canadian Rockies}
A party of explorers trek north through Canada to the Columbia Ice Field to make the first comprehensive photographic study of the region.
Expedition in Yu?nnan Province, China { The National Geographic Society’s Yu?nnan Province Expedition}
Society President Gilbert H. Grosvenor summarizes a Geographic- sponsored mission to the Yunnan region of China to collect samples of local flora and fauna.
The Land of the Yellow Lama: National Geographic Society Explorer Visits the Strange Kingdom of Muli, Beyond the Likiang Snow Range of Yu?nnan Province, China
Legendary writer and photographer Joseph F. Rock brings a little- known corner of China to light, enjoying an audience with the region’s ruler and observing the religious ceremonies of the lamas.

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