National Geographic April 1924


Ancient Carthage in the Light of Modern Excavation
A rise in sea level, along with deep alluvial deposits from the local river, has made excavation of Carthage especially difficult. Nevertheless, steady archaeological progress is revealing hundreds of the world’s oldest Christian edifices along with sig
Keeping House in Majorca
An overnight excursion from Barcelona, Majorca ( Mallorca) is the largest and most beautiful of Spain’s Balearic Islands, a paradise for painters. The author praises the idyllic life there from a little stone house overlooking the Mediterranean, high a;
The Story and the Legends of the Pontine Marshes: After Many Centuries of Fruitless Effort, Italy Is to Inaugurate a Gigantic Enterprise to Drain the Fertile Region Southeast of Rome
Italy’s ambassador to the United States describes the region of his family’s thousand- year- old roots: a marshy, malarial area that was dry and populous until seismic activity entrapped it in water in 300 B. C. Now a reservoir and pumping station will
Sakurajima, Japan’s Greatest Volcanic Eruption: A Convulsion of Nature Whose Ravages Were Minimized by Scientific Knowledge, Compared with the Terrors and Destruction of the Recent Tokyo Earthquake
The earthquake of September 1923 took 400, 000 Japanese lives, yet only 35 people died after the 1914 eruption on Kuyushu ( Kyoshu) Island – – the most massive such blast in the history of Japan. The reason: the predictions of experts enabled residents o
Italy, Land of History and Romance
Photographic views of Italy include some unusual aerial shots of Vesuvius in mid- eruption.

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