Inside Special Forces


Exclusive behind-the-scenes access reveals the untold story of the world’s most extraordinary military brotherhood as National Geographic takes you INSIDE SPECIAL FORCES.

  • Join “tip of the spear” units waging modern war from search-and-destroy missions in the mountains of Afghanistan to the hunt for Saddam’s generals in Iraq.
  • Experience the grueling training of Green Berets as they’re forged into one of the most formidable and unconventional fighting forces in military history.
  • Witness the legacy of the Special Forces as they evolve from Revolutionary War “irregulars” to today’s high-tech, multifaceted combat units.

From delicate liaison work with indigenous forces to lethal combat action, discover what it takes to join the ranks of history’s most legendary warrior elite!

Bonus Program:

  • Desert Warriors



Year: 2003

Format: DVD

Length: 60 Minutes

Condition: New

Screen Format: Standard 4:3 (Original Television Format – As Filmed)

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