Atlas of The Middle East


Atlas of The Middle East

While tensions continue to rise in Iraq and surrounding countries, there is a heightened curiosity worldwide for definitive, balanced, and timely information about the Middle East. This concise and distinctive volume provides a fascinating, in-depth look at the driving forces that have led to acts of violence, religious fervor, and costly wars in this hotile territory and lends valuable insight into the present situation. National Geographic Atlas of the Middle East contains newly researched and updated maps illustrating the diverse issues of the region today. Boundary and territorial disputes, the uneven distribution of natural resources, and booming population pressures are detailed in stunning visual explanations. Other regional thematic maps elaborate on questions surrounding religion, ethnic and linguistic groups, oil, water, agriculture, industry, trade, international corporations, and military forces. The complex history of the Middle East is explored through maps devoted to topics that include the rise and falls of empires, civilizations, major conflicts, holy sites, and various other significant events that have shaped the region. Geographically, politically, thematically, and chronologically organized, National Geographic Atlas of the Middle East is an accessible reference to a turbulent area prominent in headlines, hearts, and minds.


Format: Paperback, 96 Pages

Published: 2003

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