National Geographic June 1911

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A Geologist’s Paradise
A three- year Smithsonian Institution expedition studying the rock formations of the Rocky Mountains has found Cambrian rocks, containing superb fossils of prehistoric marine invertebrate life. Also included are panoramic photographs of the great mountai
A Flashlight Story of an Albino Porcupine and of a Cunning but Unfortunate Coon
Hunting a raccoon and an albino porcupine by night, curious behaviors are caught by the flashlight and camera.
The National Geographic Society Researches in Alaska
Advancements in glacier study continue through a National Geographic Society expedition.
The Wonders of the Mosi- oa- Tunga: The Falls of the Zambesi
The Grand Canyon of the Zambesi, Victoria Falls is Africa’s most majestic waterfall.
Mount Huntington and Mount McKinley
A photographic essay depicts Alaska’s Mount Huntington and Mount McKinley.

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