May 2016

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Yellowstone; America’s Wild Idea

PART ONE: The Paradox of the Park

What wilderness means to people – and how it is managed – has steadily changed since Yellowstone National Park was founded.

It All Starts With Heat

For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People

PART TWO: Into the Backcountry

Yellowstone has become a natural laboratory for tracing the delicate web of relationships that keep an ecosystem alive and healthy.

The Carnivore Comeback

Tracking the Wildlife Highways

PART THREE: Living With the Wild

Yellowstone’s wildlife is adapting to its changing realities. Now people must adapt as well if the park is to remain untamed – and intact.

The Dance of the Bison and Elk

Land of the People

EPILOGUE: The View From the Beginning

{ Special Poster } Yellowstone Elk Migrations, Supervolcano

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