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National Geographic August 2013

By Eric

The Surprising Life of Lions

The only cat that’s truly social is the lion. But why … and how? To find out, our team spent many months with the prides of the Serengeti.

Living With Lions

Africa’s lions may number no more than 35,000. In Kenya a program called Lion Guardians points to a way to save the beleaguered cats.

Sugar Love: A Not So Sweet Tale

We were smitten 10,000 years ago on the island of New Guinea. Today the average American downs 22.7 teaspoons a day.

Underwater Secrets of the Maya

“I saw it, I saw it! Yes, it’s true!” the archaeologist shouts: divine light at the bottom of a natural well.

Cave Bravery

Technology is redefining how caves are explored.

Sunita Williams: Spacewalker

The astronaut steps into the void.

Behind the Painted Elephant

In India the animal is a treasure – and sometimes also a work of art.

National Geographic June 2013

By Eric

The Mystery of Risk

Why do explorers put their physical self and their reputation in peril? The answer may surprise you.

Risk Takers Tell All

Meet space jumper Felix Baumgartner, voted Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year, and five other stars.

Onward and Downward

Travel along on a record-breaking descent to the deepest spot in the ocean.

First Australians

An Aboriginal village invited our writer to visit. “Anything I can bring?” The reply: “Dinner for 25.”

Maxed Out on Everest

Our team saw how the mountain has become an icon for everything that’s wrong with climbing

Miracle in Mozambique

Ravaged by war, Gorongosa Park is reborn

Last of the Viking Whalers

Norway reserves the right to hunt minkes. But kids don’t want to grow up to be whalers.

Today’s Whale Catch

Despite a global moratorium, the hunt goes on

{ Special Poster } Landmarks in Exploration / Space Journeys

National Geographic February 2013

By Eric

New Old Libya

Libyans lived under a dictator who twisted their past. Now they must imagine their future.

Satellite Archaeology

A snapshot from space can find buried treasures.

Crisis Mapper

Patrick Meier saves lives with his online maps.

The Bite That Heals

Venom is nature’s most efficient killer. Now we’re discovering how it can cure as well.

Heaven and Hell on Earth

The nomads of Afghanistan’s Wakhan corridor live in one of the world’s most beautiful and unforgiving places.

Do-It-Yourself Soccer

On fields throughout Africa determined kids turn plastic bags, old clothes, and shredded tires into beloved soccer balls.

The Sultans of Streams

Britain’s otters were all but wiped out by chemicals leaching into rivers. Now they’ve made a comeback.

National Geographic July 2012

By Eric

The Riddle of Easter Island

How did the statues move? That question puzzles archaeologists – and modern-day islanders.

Epic Storms

Is that a spaceship? Or a mushroom cloud? Or a strange skyscape whipped up by wild weather?

Vanishing Voices

A language goes silent every 14 days. That could mean the end of words like tradzy, azaac, khei-at.

Life in an Icy Inferno

The breakfast of scientists freezes in the bowl. But weird microbes, possibly from Earth’s bowels, thrive in the hot soil of an Antarctic volcano.

Russian Summer

In vacation cottages the women are in housedresses. The men, Speedos and rubber boots. They brood, plant, party, and restore their souls.


National Geographic June 2012

By Eric

Sunny, With Chance of Woe

The space-weather forecast: solar storms. What causes them – and how will they affect Earth?

At Home in the Outer Banks

Why move to a North Carolina barrier island? A photographer’s portfolio reveals his reasons.

Terra-Cotta Army: True Colors

Our exclusive artwork shows for the first time how China’s buried warriors really looked: glorious in reds and greens, purples and pinks.

Smitten by a Ural Owl

One fierce female didn’t mind becoming an Estonian photographer’s muse.

In China’s Shadow

Hong Kong is changing again. But into what – and molded by whom – seems most uncertain.

Yemen’s Legendary Island

Socotra is home to weird plants and animals that live nowhere else.


National Geographic July 2009

By Eric

Answers From Angkor

The sacred city may have engineered its own downfall

Dining With Devilfish

Manta rays in the Maldives are frenzied feeders

Top Ten State Fair Joys

Be hypnotized! Gawk at cows! Indulge in fried Coca-Cola!

Land of Lord of the Rings

The fire and ice of a New Zealand park starred in the movie.

Serbs Face the Future

They look at Kosovo with regret – and to Europe with hope.

Cosmic Vision

Giant telescopes take human eyes deep into space.