National Geographic September 1994

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Inner Japan
Serenity lingers in the villages and lush valleys of Japan’s western slope, where rice farmers and artisans honor the nation’s ideals of family, tradition, simplicity.
Ireland on Fast- Forward
On emerald pastures, livestock grazes in the shadow of factories. Manufacturing now surpasses farming in the island nation, where hopes for the future crowd out dreams of a romantic past.
The Sonoran Desert: Anything But Empty
This parched realm of cactuses and pronghorns that straddles California, Arizona, and Mexico, faces increasing development. A double map supplement highlights Mexico’s cultural heritage.
Fantasy Coffins of Ghana: To Heaven by Land, Sea, or Air
With a new funerary tradition – – brightly painted coffins shaped like animals, airplanes, and luxury autos – – Ghanaians honor the dead and celebrate their lives.
Crimea: Pearl of a Fallen Empire
Resort for tsars and commissars and headquarters of the Soviet’s Black Sea Fleet, the historic peninsula is the prize in today’s tug- of- war between Russia and Ukraine.

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