National Geographic September 1913

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Reconstructing Egypt’s History
The filling of the Aswan Dam has reclaimed a million acres of tillable land but threatens important archaeological sites. While rushing to salvage what we can, we learn for the first time about the lives of the commoners and royalty of ancient Egypt.
The Resurrection of Ancient Egypt
Archaeologists take a systematic approach as they unearth artifacts of an ancient civilization. The result is that today they can piece together a coherent picture of the history and life of ancient Egyptians.
The Sacred Ibis Cemetery and Jackal Catacombs at Abydos
An unprecedented find has been made in an ancient necropolis dedicated to Osiris, the ruler of the underworld: a 2, 000- year- old burial place for ibises – – mummified, wrapped, and decorated as carefully as the bodies of royalty, many encased in clay s

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