National Geographic September 1908

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Peasant Life in the Black Forest
This realm of superstitions and fairy tales is a scenic wonderland where peasants find contentment in a simple life of traditional pleasures and values.
Ten Years of the Peary Arctic Club
The Peary Arctic Club has promoted groundbreaking exploration in the Arctic for a decade and is confident of the complete success of Commander Peary’s most recent expedition, begun on July 6, 1908.
Some Wonderful Sights in the Andean Highlands
Sailing Lake Titicaca on reed boats, visiting the ruins of Tiahuanaco, and venturing into the Valley of Yucay, the author feels transported to centuries gone by.
As Seen from a Dutch Window
From his window seat the author observes the daily life of a Dutch city, from the legendary canals to crowds of cigar- smoking schoolboys.
How the World Is Shod
Throughout the ages and across the globe, footwear has been as colorful and unique as the societies in which it is found.

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