National Geographic September 1907

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Bolivia- -A Country Without a Debt
Bolivia’s minister to the United States chronicles his country’s history – – from the despotism of Spanish rule to the hard- won fight for independence – – and predicts unprecedented commercial growth in the face of expanding railway lines and the comp
Hunting the Grizzly in British Columbia
No stranger to danger, Joseph Wendle faces the possibility of death each time he indulges his favorite pastime – – bear hunting. Here Wendle recounts a few of his closer calls at the paws and claws of the grizzly.
Scenes from North Africa
One of only two African nations to avoid annexation or subjugation to European rule, the northern country of Morocco is featured in this pictorial, accompanied by a brief history of its people.
A Strange and Remarkable Beast
Preserved by the frozen ground in which it lay buried, a nearly perfect specimen of the modern elephant’s extinct cousin – – the woolly mammoth – – turns up in the Siberian tundra.
Our Heralds of Storm and Flood
Gilbert H. Grosvenor lauds the work of the U. S. Weather Bureau, whose weather predictions, from flooding to cold snaps to storms, have saved American property and crops on countless occasions.
Strange Sights in Far- Away Papua
A. E. Pratt relates some of New Guinea’s more fascinating sights, including fishing nets made of spider webs, the fantastic nose ornaments of Papuan tribesmen, and the stinging trees of the Madui forest.
The Work in the Pacific Ocean of the Magnetic Survey Yacht Galilee
Under the command of W. J. Peters, the brig Galilee sets out to update charts of the North Pacific’s magnetic lines. Such readings are crucial to mariners forced to rely solely on a compass for navigation, inaccuracy of just a few degrees can spell disa

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