National Geographic October 1906 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine October 1906


Ostrich Farming in the United States
Plucked from its native Africa, the ostrich has found a new home in the United States, where the birds are raised for their fine feathers.
The Work on the Isthmus
Despite the rainy conditions in Panama, work on the new canal continues with progress being made in double tracking the railroad to hasten the removal of soil from the Culebra Cut.
Russia's Wheat Surplus
Despite the antiquated agricultural methods used by Russian farmers, Russia's wheat crop still surpasses that of the United States.
Origin of Labrador
A letter to the Editor explains that the name Labrador comes from a word used by the Cabots in 1498 to name present- day Greenland.
The Passing of Korea
Korea has suffered under Japanese control. Education is the key to preserving the ancient, influential culture of the nation.
United States Board on Geographic Names Changed to [ United States Geographic Board] by executive order of President Theodore Roosevelt
The agency is now called the United States Geographic Board and oversees map production and management.
Note on Glacier Discovery { South American Immigration}
The Ecuadorian Immigration Company imports immigrants, white and preferably of the German or Dutch races, and settles them in the southern region of the country.
Cuba- -The Pearl of the Antilles
The development of Cuba seems certain as its geographical position and material resources continue to attract foreign investment and build on the contributions of Spanish civilization.
Burning the Roads
On a mission to efficiently build better roads for U. S. drivers, the Office of Public Roads burns clay roads in rural Mississippi to smooth their surfaces.


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