National Geographic October 1910

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The Lost Wealth of the Kings of Midas
A trip to Asia Minor is undertaken to determine what has caused the transformation of a once rich empire into a place of poverty. The fundamental cause, the author explains, is nature itself – – an absence of precipitation is leading to nomadism.
The Greatness of Little Portugal
Vestiges of Portugal’s greatest periods during the triumph of Christianity and the rule of Prince Henry the Navigator can be found in the country’s decorative art and language.
Impressions and Scenes of Mozambique
Although as big as the Atlantic states from Florida to New York, Mozambique is little known to the nations beyond East Africa. But not for long, the author says, with labor costs at just $ 2 to $ 5 a month colonists will come.
The Woods and Gardens of Portugal
In woods like no others in Europe, great palms and towering cedars of Lebanon grow side by side with oaks of giant bulk while oranges and fig trees, cork and acacia, maple and willow stand beneath the straight eucalyptus.
A Talk About Persia and Its Women
Domestic life in Persia resembles that of the age of the patriarchs: Girls come into the world unwanted, are separated from boys by the age of eight, are veiled day and night, and when they leave their quarters must be covered from head to toe by a black

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