National Geographic October 1909

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The Afghan Borderland. Part II: The Persian Frontier
The second installment of a report from the Afghan border focuses on the Heri Rud River, guarded by the chief of Kuzzil Islam.
Notes on Burma
Few parts of the British Empire offer as many attractions to the tourist, naturalist, anthropologist, and big game hunter as this lush land. The area boasts great reserves of rubies and sapphires, enormous forests of teak, and the brilliantly gilded Shwe
The Discovery of the Pole: First Report by Dr Frederick A. Cook, Sept. 1, 1909
His claim yet to be reviewed by the National Geographic Society Committee on Research, the explorer gives an account of having reached the North Pole on April 21, 1908.
The Discovery of the Pole: First Report by Commander Robert E. Peary, U. S. N. , September 6, 1909
Commander Peary presents his account of having reached the North Pole on April 6, 1909.
Fishing and Hunting Tales from Brazil
After living for two years among the Tupuya Indians, the author is entrusted with the secrets of fishing and hunting with curari, a poison that does not spoil the catch for eating.
Scenes from Greenland
Arctic explorer Matthew Henson, teammate of Commander Peary, is featured in a photographic essay on Greenland’s coast and its inhabitants.

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