National Geographic October 1901

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Boundaries of Territorial Acquisitions
A Census Office committee officially fixes the boundaries of historical territorial acquisitions such as the Gadsden Purchase and the Louisiana Purchase.
Work of the Bureau of American Ethnology
The bureau, under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, is engaged in the anthropological classification of Western Hemisphere aborigines.
The German South Polar Expedition
The German government hoped to establish an Antarctic expedition for the scientific exploration of South Polar regions.
Peary’s Work in 1900 and 1901
Peary completed much important work in 1900 and 1901, including exploration of the western and northern coasts of Greenland, which led to the discovery of the most northernly known land in the world.
Next International Geographical Congress To Be Held in Washington
The National Geographic Society will host the next International Geographical Congress in Washington, D. C. , the great center of scientific geographical exploration in America.
The Weather Bureau
The only knowledge most Americans have of the work of the United States Weather Bureau is the daily weather forecast found in their morning paper. The scientific work of the bureau is, in fact, broad in scope and of vital importance.

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