National Geographic November 1973

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This Is My Island, Tangier
Descendants of Cornish settlers follow the waterman’s calendar in the Chesapeake Bay island off Crisfield, Maryland.
Barnacles- -Friendless Squatters of the Sea { Friendless Squatters of the Sea}
Barnacles that prove the bane of boatmen produce an extraordinary glue that, synthesized, could be a boon to mankind.
Bold Horsemen of the Steppes
Afghanistan’s Turkmens gallop to market and to games as their ancestors rode across Asia in conquering armies.
Florida’s Booming- -and Beleaguered- -Heartland
Spurred by the creation of Disneyland, central Florida endures an invasion of money and people and loses its orange groves, marshes, and ranchland.
A New Riviera: Mexico’s West Coast
Once drowsy, the sun- drenched coast from Guaymas to Acapulco awakens to the clatter of construction as developers prepare for floods of tourists.

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