National Geographic November 1912


Two Possible Solutions for the Eastern Problem
The impending disintegration of the Turkish Empire is sure to bring civil strife to its occupied lands. The author anticipates a game of divide and conquer amongst the dominant European powers while the formerly occupied territories may struggle for inde
Glimpses of the Russian Empire
Traveling twice the distance from New York to San Francisco, the author travels the Trans- Siberian Railway from Peking to St. Petersburg.
The Rise of Bulgaria
Emerging from the grip of the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria proves itself a vital and self- supporting nation.
The Albanians
Although often at the mercy of Turkish interests, the Albanians are a fiercely independent people who struggle to maintain their national identity.
The Races and Religions of Macedonia
The arbitrary boundaries of Macedonia were drawn at the whim of Turkish rule, enclosing a broad mixture of races, religions, and languages.
The Land of Promise
Passing through the great regions of the Russian Empire, the author finds a country unparalled in vastness and diversity.
Grass Never Grows Where the Turkish Hoof Has Trod
Citing examples of unfair taxation, discrimination against non- Muslims, and the degredation of women, the author finds the Turks to be brutish rulers.

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