National Geographic November 1908

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Bulgaria, the Peasant State
Since gaining independence from the Turks, Bulgaria has made tremendous strides as a nation, promoting widespread education, adopting a democratic constitution, and guaranteeing religious freedom for all.
The Ruined Cities of Asia Minor
Scattered across Asia Minor are the physical remnants of history’s great events – – fragments and ruins of the ancient world bearing silent witness to the fading grandeur of past empires. The author fears the rapid destruction of these monuments and des
Notes on Macedonia
Macedonian Christians, including Bulgarians, Greeks, Vlachs, and Serbians have long been at each other’s throats and simultaneously fighting the rule of the Turk. Christian and Turk have now bonded together to obtain for the nation a parliament and a co
Servia and Montenegro
Most picturesque and fertile of the Balkan states, Servia’s farmland is divided among its people and yields a very rich agricultural bounty. Montenegrins are a race of warrior people who may boast that they were never conquered by the Turks.
The Oil Treasure of Mexico
San Geronimo, rich with newly discovered oil fields, witnesses an oil well fire that burns for nearly two months with flames up to 1, 400 feet high and measuring 75 feet across.

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