National Geographic November 1905

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Rear Admiral Sir William Wharton defends geography as a genuine science, offering as evidence a history of ancient maps, charts, and navigators, as well as the discoveries of modern geography.
The Supposed Birthplace of Civilizations
Most likely abandoned due to shifts in climate, the buried cities of Turkestan and other areas of central Asia offer clues to a previously fertile land and the civilizations that called it home.
Progress in the Philippines
The Report of the Philippine Commission notes the introduction of an experimental rice thrasher, improved sanitary conditions, and continued work on the Manila harbor system.
Only the postal service connects Ketchikan, Alaska, to the outside world. But as first port of call for steamers traversing the inland waterway from Puget Sound to Alaska, the promising mining town manages to thrive.
The Returns from Alaska
Despite the enormous wealth issuing from Alaska, roads in the U. S. territory are scarce. With road- building projects in the Canadian Yukon improving profits for that country, arguments for similar expansion in Alaska prevail.
Proportion of Children in the United States
Documenting a persistent drop in birthrates from 1860 on, this overview of the 1905 Census Bureau bulletin offers possible reasons for the decline.
Cotton and the Chinese Boycott
President Theodore Roosevelt addresses an Atlanta audience on the damage to the cotton market effected by Chinese boycotts.
Immigration to the Southern States
Seeking to entice immigrants southward, states like Louisiana and Florida publish pamphlets touting the merits of their land and industries. Though large numbers continue to swell the North and West, these campaigns succeed in drawing many immigrants to;
Forests Vital to Our Welfare
Stressing the deleterious effects of deforestation on commerce, President Theodore Roosevelt appeals to the people of North Carolina and the South in general, urging the implementation of Appalachian forest reserves.

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