National Geographic November 1901

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A Remarkable Salt Deposit
A California depression almost 300 feet below sea level provides thousands of tons of rock salt.
Recent Discoveries in Egypt
Tomb excavations at Abydos yield ancient treasures and shed light on Egyptian history 2, 000 years before the building of the pyramids.
The Sex, Nativity, and Color of the People of the United States
During the years 1890 to 1900 the populations of women and native- born Americans have proportionally risen, while the population of black Americans has proportionally fallen.
Swedish South Polar Expedition
After months without word from a Swedish South Pole- bound team, France mounts a rescue mission.
Geographic Notes { Damascus and Mecca Railway}
Geographic Notes includes information on topics such as U. S. immigration and exploring Tibet.
Sven Hedin’s Explorations in Central Asia
Sven Hedin continues his extraordinary explorations in Central Asia, encountering ancient ruins as he maps the remote region.
Kodiak Not Kadiak
Discrepancies concerning the name of this large island near Cook Inlet have been resolved by a decision of the U. S. Board on Geographic Names.
Origin of the Name Cape Nome
Cape Nome owes its name to a misinterpretation of some sloppy handwriting.

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