National Geographic May 1973

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Bats Aren’t All Bad
A young biologist conquers fear and revulsion to enter bat caves in Panama, Jamaica, and Texas to capture subjects for sonar studies.
Bicycles Are Back- -and Booming!
Lightweight ten- speed machines and new bikeways encourage a craze for cycling in the United States.
France’s Wild, Watery South, the Camargue
The Rhone River Delta guards a solitary land that nurtures half- wild white horses, abundant rice, salt, and a free- spirited way of life.
The Volga: Russia’s Mighty River Road { Russia’s Mighty River Road, the Volga}
On his 13th trip to Russia a veteran photojournalist investigates vibrant cities, peasant villages, and space age factories along the longest river in Europe.
Bikepacking Across Alaska and Canada
Adventurous cyclists complete a 3, 103- mile journey from Anchorage, Alaska, to Missoula, Montana.
Mexico, the City That Founded a Nation
North America’s second largest metropolis blends the arts and traditions of its Indian and Spanish past into everyday life.

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