National Geographic May 1909

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Camps and Cruises of an Ornithologist
Frank M. Chapman, curator of birds at the American Museum of Natural History, has produced exceptional photographs and descriptions of bird behavior during the last eight years of his ornithology expeditions.
The National Geographic Society and Geographic Work
This year the magazine averaged over a hundred pages an issue more than last year; funding and medals furthered a number of research projects; and the Society purchased the lot adjoining Hubbard Memorial Hall.
The Call of the West: Homes Are Being Made for Millions of People in the Arid West
Thanks to railroads and irrigation canals at least 30 million acres of land can be made available to over a million U. S. families. In addition, the mountains, waterways, and power plants beckon prospectors.
Greely’s Handbook of Alaska
A comprehensive handbook details the geography, climate, resources, waterways, fisheries, products, and attractions of Seward’s folly.
A Plague of Mice
As many as 12, 000 mice an acre wrought devastation to Nevada’s lower Humboldt Valley during the plague of 1907- 08 and inflicted hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.
In Beautiful Delecarlia
In this land of wooded heights and limpid lakes, a strong, handsome people lead temperate and industrious lives in simple homes and lumber camps.
Old Mines and Mills in India
Deep mines, 300 miles southeast of Bombay, may be 2, 000 years old and appear to have been idle for the past four centuries.

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