National Geographic May 1905

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The Fisheries of Japan
Few countries rely on the sea as heavily as Japan. Here, meet the men and women who work the water for everything from prawns to pearls, seaweed to salt, and get a glimpse of their often ancient techniques.
A Chapter from Japanese History
After nearly seven centuries of military rule Japan’s shogunate was forced to relinquish control by an 1868 revolt. The power shift changed the very structure of life in Japan, signaling the end of the samurai and the demise of feudalism.
Our Smallest Possession- -Guam
Though touched by technology as the landing place for the trans- Pacific cable, Guam’s indigenous population remains mainly agricultural, living off small family- run farms and producing many of their own goods.
The Milch Goat
In the wake of the successful industry created by the introduction of the Angora goat, the U. S. Department of Agriculture attempts to raise interest in the milch goat, a particularly hardy breed and producer of high- quality milk.

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