National Geographic March 1909

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The Magnetic Survey of Africa
A joint expedition by Washington’s Carnegie Institution and Cape Town’s South African College to plot previously unexplored areas from Cape Town northward to French Congo.
Amid the Snow Peaks of the Equator: A Naturalist’s Explorations Around Ruwenzori, with an Excursion to the Congo State, and an Account of the Terrible Scourge of Sleeping Sickness
A trip from western Uganda into the Congo reveals incalculable devastation from fatal sleeping sickness and relapsing fever. The danger exists that Europeans will be held responsible and driven out.
Where Roosevelt Will Hunt
President Roosevelt will probably begin his upcoming trip in Mombasa, British East Africa ( Kenya) , and continue north into Uganda. Presented here is a description of the lands he will travel and the animals and peoples he may encounter.
In Civilized French Africa
For the past 60 years, the French have been establishing colonies in northern Africa, including Tunis ( Tunisia) , Algeria, and Morocco.
The Black Man’s Continent
A map published as a supplement to the March 1909 issue on Africa shows the commercial development of the continent.
Scene in Liberia
About the size of Pennsylvania, Liberia holds enormous potential plant and mineral wealth.
Natal: The Garden Colony
The seaport of Durban in this fertile sector of southeast Africa is the prettiest town in the South African colonies – – bathed in flowers and foliage and fronting the brilliant blue of the Indian Ocean.

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