National Geographic March 1908

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The Bear Hunt
Dr. Penrose, badly injured in an encounter with a grizzly as described in the February 1908 issue, has fully recovered from his wounds and plans more hunting in the upcoming season.
A Journey Through the Eastern Portion of the Congo State
On a trip to collect white rhino and elephant specimens for a museum, the author encounters Congo Pygmies and a curious floating village built on a giant platform.
Topographic Maps Issued by the Geological Survey in 1907
The U. S. Geological Survey has published new topographic maps that cover areas in 32 states and two territories.
In the Valley of the Niger
French expeditions to the Sahara have concluded that the desert is growing as a result of the upper Niger Valley becoming drier each year.
Bread Making in Many Lands
A photographic essay depicts the staff of life, breads from around the world.
The Native Oysters of the West Coast
Native oysters are distributed widely along America’s west coast, and flavor varies with species and individual locality.
Marking the Alaskan Boundary
Despite rugged terrain, extreme cold, and the absence of trails, a survey is being completed marking the Alaska boundary as determined by the Boundary Tribunal in London on 1903.
A Drowned Empire
The draining of swamplands could reclaim for the United States an area the size of Great Britain and Ireland.
The Madura Temples
The 17th- century Hindu ruler Tirumala expanded the temple of Siva in Madura and constructed a wondrous palace that may have rivaled the ancient monuments of Thebes.
Haiti: A Degenerating Island: The Story of its Past Grandeur and Present Decay
Political unrest, rebellion, pestilence, and the practice of voodoo are combining to destroy the fabric of Haitian society.

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