National Geographic March 1902

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Sarichef’s Atlas, 1826
A rare Russian atlas, of which only one copy exists in the United States, sheds light on the history of Alaska exploration and survey.
Agriculture in Alaska
Commercial agriculture in Alaska may prove impractical if goods can be more cheaply imported from California, Oregon, and Washington.
The Possibilities of Alaska
Alaska’s excellent agricultural capabilities are the key to the settlement and development of this most promising region.
The Storm of February 25- 28, 1902
A remarkable tempest sweeps the United States from coast to coast, producing a variety of severe weather conditions.
Cuban Railways
Cuba’s railway system is the key factor in the resolution of the island’s financial problems, as it will open vast areas to agriculture and settlement.
American Progress in Habana
American occupation has seen Habana ( Havana) cleaned quite literally house- by- house. The city’s streets are repaired, its sewers are improved, its refuse has been removed, and citizens are enjoying a much more healthful climate.
Sven Hedin in Tibet
The adventurous Sven Hedin journeys across forbidden Tibet, where he is robbed by brigands and taken prisoner by Tibetan troops.
Magnetic Survey of the United States
A complete magnetic survey of the United States allows for more accurate navigation by compensating for variations of the compass.

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