National Geographic March 1900

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The History and Geographic Distribution of Bubonic Plague
The appearance of the bubonic plague in U. S. Pacific island possessions has sparked popular interest in the disease and led the author to publish this paper on the history and distribution of the plague.
A Canal from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean
The French government will likely construct a canal across the Iberian Peninsula, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. The canal would be of vital strategic importance in the event of war with England, which could control movement through t
British South Africa and the Transvaal
A look at South Africa reveals a pastoral, agricultural region currently the scene of brewing hostilities between colonial powers and African natives. South Africa’s future, notes the author, rests upon the question of equity and integrity in the treatm
Ice- Cliffs on White River, Yukon Territory
On a Yukon exploration the author describes great cliffs of ice, surmounted by a layer of earth about six feet deep on which grow stunted trees. He surmises these ice cliffs are the remnants of buried glaciers
Diseases of the Philippines
A Johns Hopkins University team completes a study of diseases affecting natives and U. S. servicemen in the Philippines. Smallpox, leprosy, tuberculosis, and beriberi are most common among the native residents while the Americans suffer greatly from dyse
A Hunting Trip to Northern Greenland
The author’s party undertakes a summer hunting trip to the Arctic, traveling on Peary’s supply ship Diana. They enjoy considerable success exploring Greenland and hunting ducks, walrus, and reindeer.

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