National Geographic June 1913

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Birds May Bring You More Happiness Than the Wealth of the Indies
The curator of ornithology of the American Museum of Natural History describes the ubiquity, variety, color, songs, economic value, and human attributes of birds.
Our Policemen of the Air
Without birds, insects would ravage the greater part of our vegetation, asserts the chief of the U. S. Biological Survey. In order to protect the species that protect us, it is necessary to keep destructive alien species out of our country.
Fifty Common Birds of Farm and Orchard
The chief of the U. S. Biological Survey presents this guide of 50 of the nation’s most common birds.
A Geographic Achievement
This introduction discusses Fifty Common Birds and the special pains taken in printing the accompanying color illustrations.
Curious Scenes in Out- of- the- Way Places
This photographic essay depicts totem poles in the New Hebrides ( Vanuatu) , veiled Tuareg chiefs in Timbuktu, mountain warriors in Senegal, and a funeral in Yunnan.
The Nation’s Capital
A former British ambassador shares his impressions of the city’s great natural beauty and charm and offers suggestions for further improvement, including extending forest reserves and establishing a national university.
Chinese Pigeon Whistles
The Chinese produce unique aerial music by attaching light whistles of various pitches to the tails of young pigeons. When the birds fly they produce an open- air concert.

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