National Geographic June 1909

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Brittany: The Land of the Sardine
In northwestern France, between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, live people who are ethnically and linguistically distinct from the rest of their countrymen. In this coastal region, men catch as many as 150 million pounds of sardines a year.
A Hindu Religious Festival
Once a year thousands of people gather at the mouth of the Ganges in northern India seeking purification from their sins; once every 12 years they come to southern India for a similar ritual. Crowding is so extreme that many of the pilgrims end up injure
The World’s Highest Altitudes and First Ascents
A past president of the Appalachian Mountain Club extols the scientific importance of mountain climbing and describes the history and conquest of important peaks in such places as Alaska, Antarctica, the Himalaya, the Caucasus, and the Andes.
National Geographic Society Alaska Expedition
The $ 5, 000 approved for research in 1909 will be applied to a summer- long study of the glaciers of southeast Alaska.
The Highest Point in Each State
In the past, data on altitudes and elevations have often proved erroneous. Here are the official figures of the U. S. Geological Survey.
When Our Country Is Fifty Years Older
A nation’s wealth is largely a function of its natural resources, the author says, and the only one of these that is renewable is land. The people of the U. S. should be vitally concerned with conserving the land, increasing its productivity, and using
A Wonderland of Glaciers and Snow
Of all the scenery that delights readers of the magazine, the favorites are snowcapped mountains and polar regions.

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