National Geographic June 1907

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Bighorn Mountains
Snow capped even in summer, the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming offer a treat for geologists and climbers alike. The range retains evidence of its glacial beginnings as well as having abundant game and trout- heavy streams.
An Impression of the Guiana Wilderness
Impressive and nearly impenetrable, the forest of British Guiana ( Guyana) presents the author with a maze of lush vegetation inhabited by myriad creatures and indigenous people.
Picturesque Paramaribo
After Dutch, French, and then English occupancy, Suriname – – or Dutch Guiana – – fell once again under the rule of the Netherlands. In its capital of Paramaribo, Javanese, Chinese, Indians, Dutch, Creole and native Guianans come together creating an ecl
Notes on the Remarkable Habits of Certain Turtles and Lizards
Tails that detach and grow back, toothless jaws capable of amputating a human hand, jets of blood sent streaming from an agitated lizard’s eyes, such gruesome but fascinating habits of lizards and turtles fill this review of The Reptile Book.
Useful Facts About the Countries of the World
From the amount of money deposited in savings banks to the number of people employed in manufacturing, the government issued Statistical Abstract of the United States offers information on nearly everything imaginable.
Four Prominent Geographers
The Society recognizes the work of four notable geographers. From the U. S. Geological Survey, George Otis Smith and Charles D. Walcott, director and former director, respectively; and from the U. S. Reclamation Service, Frederick Haynes Newell and Arthu
Commercial and Financial Statistics of the Principal Countries of the World
The Society presents commercial and financial statistics for the major countries of the world. Substantial financial statistics for the United States from 1871 through 1906 also are included.
Fishes That Build Nests and Take Care of Their Young
Though generally not considered among the animal kingdom’s more attentive parents, numerous fish species – – including catfish, bowfin, and stickleback – – build nests, protect unhatched eggs, and even watch over their young.
Our Fish Immigrants
Though native fish transplanting and reacclimation occurs throughout the U. S. , some foreign fish are being introduced to the country’s waterways, most notably and successfully the Japanese carp.

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