National Geographic July 1967

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Hopes and Fears in Booming Thailand
Buoyed by an expanding economy, Southeast Asia’s land of the free cooperates with the U. S. to fight communist guerrillas.
Florence Rises From the Flood
An army of experts and volunteers has salvaged Italian Renaissance masterpieces damaged by water and mud of the Arno River, turning tragedy to triumph.
In Quest of the World’s Largest Frog
Oversized amphibians found only in Rio Muni and Cameroon are considered a delicacy by Bayele Pygmies.
Lake Powell: Waterway to Desert Wonders
Colorado River water backed up by Glen Canyon Dam creates a many- armed lake in southern Utah, a boon to recreationists.
England’s Scillies, the Flowering Isles
The Gulf Stream warms the tiny islands off the tip of Cornwall, nourishing daffodils in December and gardens year- round.

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