National Geographic July 1942

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Roaming Russia’s Caucasus: Rugged Mountains and Hardy Fighters Guard the Soviet Union’s Caucasian Treasury of Manganese and Oil
Dwelling in the tranquil hills and valleys of the Caucasus Mountains, Russians tend sheep, breed cattle, and mine rich deposits of crude oil and manganese.
The New Queen of the Seas
As the Second World War progresses, fighter planes become more important than battleships.
War Awakened New Caledonia: Swift Changes Take Place on the South Pacific Island of Mineral Wealth Defended by Free French and American Troops
The french island of New Caledonia, 750 miles east of Australia, is rich in nickel and chromite, essential minerals in wartime.
Life in Dauntless Darwin: A National Geographic Staff Writer Gives a Vivid Description of the Australian Town That Guards the Continent’s Northern Door
American forces join Australian troops in the town of Darwin, to defend Australia from the Japanese army, based in nearby Indonesia.
Kentucky, Boone’s Great Meadow: The Bluegrass State Celebrates Its Sesquicentennial As It Help the Nation Gird for War
Settled by pioneers led by Daniel Boone in 1775, the Bluegrass State thrives on its successful crops: strawberries, corn, tobacco, and livestock.

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