National Geographic January 1962 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine January 1962

National Geographic January 1962


Brazil's Big- lipped Indians
Wooden disks worn in the lower lip distinguish Suya married men and widowers.
Strange Courtship of the Cock- of- the- Rock
An ornithologist combs the rain forest of British Guiana ( Guyana) to record on film the mating dance of a seldom seen bird.
Ghost From the Depths: the Warship [ Vasa]
Restorers raise a cannon- laden Swedish galleon from the watery grave where she lay since 1628.
Florida's Coral City Beneath the Sea
Jerry Greenberg photographs the life- filled vistas of a unique 50, 000- acre underwater park.
America's First Undersea Park { Key Largo Coral Reef: America's First Undersea Park}
Visitors put on diving gear to visit this delicate underwater ecosystem.
Easter Island and Its Mysterious Monuments
Massive heads carved of stone stand vigil on this island so remote, that the only visitors arrive aboard the annual supply ship.
Hong Kong Has Many Faces
Refugees from China swell the work force of Asia's rising manufacturing center.


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