National Geographic January 1979 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine January 1979

National Geographic January 1979


Ice Age Bison Kill { Bison Kill By Ice Age Hunters}
Bones and spearpoints found in Colorado reveal how Paleo- Indians slaughtered huge buffalo by the hundreds. Anthropologist Dennis Stanford visualizes the ritual, and actually butchers a dead zoo elephant using stone tools.
Brazil's Ancient Shelter of the Sun { Stone Age Past and Present Meet in Brazil; Man in the Amazon: Stone Age Present Meets Stone Age Past}
Primitive Amazonian Indians help unearth a shelter where their forebears may have worshipped the sun at least 9, 000 years ago. W. Jesco von Puttkamer documents one of the oldest human sites yet found in South America.
Time of Testing for Sri Lanka { Sri Lanka: Time of Testing for an Ancient Land}
The Resplendent Land, long known as Ceylon, pushes ambitious plans for critically needed new jobs and farmlands. Story by Robert Paul Jordan, with photographs by Raghubir Singh.
Los Angeles: City in Search of Itself
The era of freewheeling sprawl, smog, and show biz runs into a space problem, and a flood of Spanish- speaking newcomers brings a new flavor. William S. Ellis and Jodi Cobb explore what's happening in our third largest metropolis.
Humpback Whales { Humpbacks: The Gentle Whales; Humpbacks: The Gentle Giants}
Marine biologist Sylvia A. Earle and photographer Al Giddings swim confidently among those benign behemoths off Hawaii and Alaska.
Diamond, the Incredible Crystal { The Incredible World of Diamonds; The Incredible Crystal: Diamonds}
Why is the hardest of substances ever more precious to man? Fred Ward visits mines, cutting rooms, dealers, and buyers on four continents to assess that fabulous crystal.
Humpback Whales { Humpbacks: Their Mysterious Songs}
A unique recording brings the haunting sounds of the Humpback whale to life.


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