National Geographic January 1912

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Notes on the Ekoi
A visit to southern Nigeria provides a glimpse into the seemingly simplistic lifestyle of the Ekoi, whose rich and beautiful folklore explains many of their beliefs and customs.
The Greek Bronzes of Tunisia
Sponge divers off the coast of Tunisia find a sunken Greek galley filled with building materials as well as bronzes and marbles all intended for the construction of a villa in Rome.
The Sea- Kings of Crete
New archaeological research uncovers ancient Cretan custom, culture, and costume, demonstrating a more modern society than previously assumed.
Our Immigration Laws from the Viewpoint of National Eugenics
Citing careless immigration practices that allow unfit aliens to enter and reproduce in the United States, a strong case is made for the implementation of eugenic standards in the selection process.
The Quills of a Porcupine
An unfortunate encounter with a porcupine in the backwoods of Oregon leaves several hunting dogs with painful quills buried in their skins.
The Young Turk
As Turkey emerges from tyrannical rule to a constitutional government, Americans assist the Young Turks in their educational efforts and lend them invaluable leadership in their newfound freedom.

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