National Geographic January 1908

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Studies on the Rate of Evaporation at Reno, Nevada, and in the Salton Sink
The Colorado River, having been diverted for irrigation purposes, temporarily broke through inadequate canal headgates to resume its original direction. The result is Salton Sink, a lake of fresh water about 45 miles long and 10 to 15 miles wide.
Dr. Bell’s Man- Lifting Kite
Alexander Graham Bell tests his Cygnet, a large kite that is able to carry a passenger more than 150 feet in the air for over seven minutes.
The Recession of the Glaciers of Glacier Bay, Alaska
The spectacular glaciers of Glacier Bay, Alaska, appear to be in dramatic retreat. The changes in the shape and activity of these glaciers are attributed to the great Yakutat earthquake of 1899.
Honors for Amundsen
The gala annual banquet of the National Geographic Society is highlighted by the presentation of the Society’s Hubbard Gold Medal. Captain Roald Amundsen receives the medal for sailing through the Northwest Passage and locating the magnetic north pole.
More Changes of the Colorado River
Alterations to the course of the Colorado River greatly increase the size of its delta and result in serious disturbance to the area’s flora, fauna, and Indian inhabitants.
Methods of Obtaining Salt in Costa Rica
In Costa Rica salt is obtained by filtering it out of soil that has been flooded by sea water at high tide.
In the Savage South Seas
The South Sea islanders of Fiji and the New Hebrides live contrasting lifestyles. In British Fiji the author finds a society organized by strong European influences, whereas in the New Hebrides such practices as infant head- shaping and cannibalism remai

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