National Geographic February 1913

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Do Volcanic Explosions Affect Our Climate?
Measurements of the amount of heat coming to the Earth from the Sun suggest that dust has caused a 20 percent decrease in solar raditaion since the eruption of Mount Katmai. The consequent decrease in ambient temperature is as great as several degrees.
The Countries of the Caribbean
The advent of the Panama Canal will bring in a great stream of capital for development of the Caribbean. But the degree to which each country will benefit will depend on the stability and competence of its government.
The Recent Eruption of Katmai Volcano in Alaska
The National Geographic Society’s director of Alaska volcano research in 1912 gives an account of one of the most violent eruptions of historic times, heard 750 miles away in Juneau and sending fumes 1, 500 miles to Puget Sound.
The Changing Map in the Balkans
The war against the Ottoman Empire is shifting national boundaries in the Balkans. Fighting under an unstable government, the Turks are retreating from the territory they have subjugated for so long.
Progress of the National Geographic Society
The year 1912 was the most successful to date in terms of new members, growth in the investment fund, and popularity and influence of the magazine. Productive expeditions were conducted in Alaska, Canada, and Machu Picchu in Peru, while the construction;

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