National Geographic December 1912


East of the Adriatic: Notes on Dalmatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Herzegovina
Traveling through the Balkans, the author finds a land of unique European charm and beauty, accompanied by a dizzying display of languages, customs, and geographic variety.
The Origin of Stefansson’s Blond Eskimo
Drawing from both the ethnographic studies of American Vlihjalmur Stefansson and other Arctic explorers, the author attempts to discern the true ethnic identity of Victoria Island’s blond Eskimos.
The Land of Contrast: Austria- Hungary
Encompassing both industrial Austria and agricultural Hungary, the timeless cities of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, as well as the spiring Dolomites and peaceful valleys of the Alps, Austria- Hungary embraces a wealth of diversity within its borders.
The Tailed People of Nigeria
For six northern Nigerian tribes, brides mark their new social status as married women by wearing a kunnock – – a tail symbolizing matronly dignity.
Notes on Rumania
A brief report on the historic, geographic, and ethnographic makeup of Romania.
Sunrise and Sunset from Mount Sinai
From the peak of Mount Sinai, where Moses delivered the Ten Commandments, to the monastery of St. Catherine’s, Sinai country is peppered with sites of religious importance.

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