National Geographic August 1916

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Little- Known Sardinia
Someday, tourists tired of tours laid out for them by guidebooks will break away from the continent and set sail for this culturally rich island.
The Awakening of Argentina and Chile: Progress in the Lands That Lie Below Capricorn
Beyond South America’s tropics, temperate climes have spawned societies more like Europe’s than their northern neighbors. Along with Uruguay the author explores the region’s two largest nations and their dynamic capitals, Buenos Aires and Santiago.
Wards of the United States: Notes on What Our Country Is Doing for Santo Domingo, Nicaragua, and Haiti
Through financial control, the U. S. provides desperately needed assistance to three countries in the West Indies.
A Little Journey in Honduras
With information on this hard- to- reach country scarce, the author has to learn by experience. A knowledge of Spanish, he says, attending strictly to one’s own business, and a realization that the natives are far from being savages will help a person g

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