National Geographic August 1906

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From Panama to Patagonia
From the brightly colored petticoats of Bolivia to the large Chinese population in Peru, the South American republics embody enormous diversity and progress.
What the Latin American Republics Think of the Pan- American Conferences
Leaders of several Latin American countries, including Mexico, Brazil, and Costa Rica, discuss their opinions on the Pan- American Conferences.
South America Fifty Years Hence
With the development of infrastructure, an increase in immigration, and a wealth of natural resources, the 20th century could be dominated by South America.
The Falls of Iguazu
At the junction of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, the stunning Iguazu Falls are a breathtaking sight for the traveler.
The Fertile Pampas of Argentine
Traveling through Argentina, the author finds a fertile, peaceful countryside in contrast with the bustling capital city of Buenos Aires.
Reasons Why the United States in Particular Should Encourage the Pan- American Conferences
The Pan- American Conferences not only bring Latin American countries out of isolation but also encourage information sharing between hemispheres.
The Shattered Obelisk of Mont Pele?e
Fragments and scattered debris are all that remain of this obelisk – – a natural structure on the island of Martinique that was once twice the size of the Washington Monument.
A New Peruvian Route to the Plain of the Amazon
The author recounts his travels across the Andes and his encounters with the Chunchos tribe deep in the forest of the South American continent.
The Gypsy Moth
Its presence the result of a failed experiment, the troublesome gypsy moth of eastern Massachusetts proves to be an enormous pest in the North.

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