National Geographic April 2012

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Climb of Her Life

Her husband turned back. Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner plunged ahead in a risky effort to conquer K2.

Masks That Make Magic

In Africa and its diaspora a mask can turn you into a god – or send a message to the pooh-bahs.

The Titanic, Illuminated

One hundred years after the ship sent its SOS: “Now we know where everything is.”

{ Poster } How it sank and where it rests

Walking With Ghosts

With the aid of robotic avatars, James Cameron has spent nearly 500 hours exploring the Titanic.

Flocking Flamingos

They really do stick together – and that may increase their odds of survival in a perilous world.

Where Slaves Ruled

In Brazil they escaped plantations, created secret societies, and today fight for legal rights.


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