National Geographic April 1983

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Voyage to the Antarctic
Near drownings, 30- foot seas, and 80- mile- an- hour winds test Antarctic expedition members during a three- month voyage commemorating the work of Australian explorer Douglas Mawson in the early 20th century. David Lewis reports.
This Year in Jerusalem
Associate Editor Joseph Judge describes the poignant passions evoked by this blessed and accursed city that three faiths – – Jewish, Christian, and Muslim – – consider holy. Photographs by Jodi Cobb.
White Water, Proud People { Chattooga River Country: Wild Water, Proud People}
Rafters and moonshiners may find thrills in Chattooga River country, but for most who live in the region it means backroads farms, old- time ways, and beloved bluegrass music. By Don Belt and photographer Steve Wall.
The Fascinating World of Trash
There’s no end to what people throw away, or to the problem of where to throw it. Author Peter T. White and photographer Louie Psihoyos uncover more than meets the eye – – or the nose.
The Uncertain State of Puerto Rico
U. S. Statehood, independence, or current commonwealth status? This Caribbean island faces crucial decisions on its future. Bill Richards and photographer Stephanie Maze discover fervent involvement in politics and life in general in this American land;

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