National Geographic April 1958


Young- old Lebanon Lives by Trade: The Land of Cedars, Phoenician Sea Cities, and Crusader Castles Thrives Again as Middleman of the Mediterranean
Perched on the shores of the Mediterranean, Lebanon is a center of commerce for the Middle East.
Man’s First Winter at the South Pole: Cold Fiercer Than Men Had Ever Faced, Ceaseless Winds, a 6- Month Night- -Yet 18 Pioneers of Science Survived, and Thrived
Isolated researchers emerge from six months’ work in darkness, oxygen- thin air, and body- numbing temperatures reaching minus 102 F.
Freezing the Trout’s Lightning Leap: A Nature Photographer Tells How He Combines Zoology, Physics, and Patience to Get Action Portraits of Game Fish
In the blink of a lens, photographer Treat Davidson flash- freezes images of leaping game fish.
Land of Louisiana Sugar Kings: Among the Fertile Banks of the Mississippi River, Columned Mansions Recall the Heyday of the Old South’s Sugar Plantations
Along the Mississippi, sugar plantation houses stand as stately reminders of a bygone era.
The Many- sided Diamond
The world’s hardest substance, glittering in many hues, adorns cutting blades as well as jewelry.

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