National Geographic April 1910

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Mukden, the Manchu Home, and Its Great Art Museum
Under Japanese and American influence, Manchuria has progressed from mud sinks and clay bogs to smooth park roadways. Colorful Mukden ( Shenyang) is the site of the tombs of Manchu ancestors, and boasts the most marvelous collection of porcelain in the w
The National Geographic Society’s Alaskan Expedition
The Board has appropriated $ 5, 000 for upcoming glacial studies in Alaska.
Landslides and Rock Avalanches
The causes and clues of landslides bear further study given the current increase in mining and the search for precious metals.
Artesian Water Predictions
U. S. Geological Survey studies of underground waters have predicted and verified artesian flows in several areas – – an accomplishment of special importance for New Mexico, Arizona, California, and the Black Hills of South Dakota.
The Spirit of the West: The Wonderful Agricultural Development Since the Dawn of Irrigation
Once a wilderness so unpromising that it evoked derision in the halls of Congress, the West has become the land of fortune and opportunity. In just seven and one half years, the U. S. Reclamation Service has helped build 4, 215 miles of canals, 17 miles
Scenes in Italy
Photographs show scenes from the marble quarries of Carrara to the LeaningTower of Pisa.

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