National Geographic April 1909

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The Original Boundary Stones of the District of Columbia
Of the original 40 stones that mark the boundaries of the District of Columbia, 36 remain. They are made of friable local sandstone and must be protected from both vandalism and the elements.
Colossal Work in Baltimore
The city’s population has reached 700, 000, and there is still no storm- water or sewer system. To protect the vital oyster trade of the Chesapeake, the state of Maryland has forbidden discharge of raw sewage into the bay and its tributaries and has aut
Shackleton’s Farthest South
After 14 months inside the Antarctic Circle, on January 16 a party led by Lt. E. H. Shackleton reached the magnetic south pole and located the geographic Pole.
The Panama Canal
The chairman and chief engineer of the Isthmian Canal Commission reports to President Taft on the project’s progress to date and explains why it is better to build a canal of the lock type than one of the sea- level type.
Hunting the Great Brown Bear of Alaska
On the Pacific coast of the Alaskan Peninsula, three men go in search of the great brown bear. Braving rugged country and difficult weather, the trio shoot 18 of the animals and bag their skins.
The Leach’s Petrel: His Nursery on Little Duck Island
Second to the shores of the Bay of Fundy, this tiny island off the coast of Maine is a major nesting place for the Leach’s, or forked- tailed, petrel. There, among the wild raspberry bushes, the noisy, nocturnal bird digs its burrows.
The American Red Cross in Italy
The U. S. Congress has appropriated $ 800, 000 for direct aid to victims of the Messina earthquake, and the American people have contributed a million dollars through the Red Cross.
The World’s Most Cruel Earthquake
The recent seismic activity at Messina, in northeast Sicily, caused extensive loss of life: 100, 000 in Messina alone and another 50, 000 in the surrounding region. The city will be rebuilt, the author says, but it is essential that its new buildings be

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