National Geographic April 1907

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International Flat Globe and Geographical History
With the Western and Eastern Hemispheres printed on opposing sides, the flat globe offers almost all the advantages reserved for traditional globes.
Notes on Central America
In the wake of increased commercial relations between the U. S. and Central America, the Society offers brief overviews of the latter area’s republics – – Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.
Salton Sea and the Rainfall of the Southwest
The Salton Sea and unusually heavy southwestern rainfall were long believed to have no climatic connection, but growing popular opinion in the area asserts that they do, prompting concerns over the redirected source of the Salton.
The Giant Spider Crab from Japan
Found off the coast of Japan at depths of over 2, 000 feet and measuring up to 12 feet across its outstretched claws, the formidable giant spider crab is the largest known crustacean.
Women and Children of the East
Women and children of India, Burma, Siam ( Thailand) , and Japan are included in this series of photographs taken by the Society’s Foreign Secretary Eliza R. Scidmore.
Peary to Try Again
Commander Robert E. Peary makes plans for yet another Arctic expedition, hopeful that he might finally attain his goal – – the North Pole. Peary Arctic Club president Morris Jesup requests contributions in support of the upcoming voyage.
Millions for Moisture: An Account of the Work of the U. S. Reclamation Service
The National Reclamation Act ensures a farming future for arid states and territories in the U. S. The 1902 provision directed the investment of funds from the sale of public lands into the construction of irrigation works.

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