National Geographic April 1906

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Brazil and Peru
On the eve of the Pan- American Congress at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Peru both enjoy economic prosperity and anticipate bright futures.
The Polar Airship
A look is offered at the design and construction of a dirigible made of silk and cotton, which its inventors plan to use for a voyage to the North Pole.
Walter Wellman’s Expedition to the North Pole
The National Geographic Society endorses Walter Wellman’s airship voyage to the North Pole, with scientific studies to be conducted by the Research Committee of the Society.
Farming on the Isthmus of Panama
Skillful management of the labor force, coupled with fertile soil and excellent climatic conditions, indicates that prospects for farming on the Isthmus of Panama are favorable.
Our Plant Immigrants
An account is presented of some of the results of the work of the Office of Seed and Plant Introduction of the Department of Agriculture and of some of the problems currently being addressed.
Modern Transmutation of the Elements
Exploring the invisible building blocks of matter, scientists examine the elements’transmutations in such processes as the generation of atomic energy.
Magnetic Survey of the Pacific Ocean
The survey team begins its second cruise, leaving San Diego on March 2, 1906, with a planned course of 20, 000 miles.

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