National Geographic April 1900

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The Anglo- Venezuelan Boundary Dispute
The boundary dispute between Great Britain and Venezuela continued unabated for nearly 60 years, until President Cleveland forcefully involved the United States as arbiter.
The Isthmian Canal Commission
The commission has 300 surveyors and engineers in the field conducting the most thorough survey to date of possible routes for an isthmian canal.
Where Exploration Is Needed
Daily newspapers have published some startling geographic statements, including one man’s claim to have lived at the North Pole among a wild tribe of people who speak an unknown language and write in hieroglyphics.
Work in the Arctic and Antarctic
The author discusses the season’s polar expeditions, including Peary’s recently started dash for the North Pole.
An Assumed Inconstancy in the Level of Lake Nicaragua; A Question of Permanency of the Nicaragua Canal
Inconstancy in the level of Lake Nicaragua would threaten the Nicaragua Canal project. The author maintains, however, that the level of Lake Nicaragua has remained constant.
Railway Construction and Improvements
The year’s highlights in railway construction and improvements are noted, including the Pennsylvania Company’s four- track road over the Alleghenies.
Korea- -The Hermit Nation
Only 20 years have passed since Korea opened her doors to the West, and the author finds the country a part of the world which is uncontaminated by the customs of western civilization.
Helping Navigation
The U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey charts and maps the Chesapeake Bay, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Seattle, and the Hawaiian Islands. The survey’s work is essential to the improvement of communication and commerce by sea.

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