National Geographic May 1990 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine May 1990

National Geographic May 1990


The Living Jewels of Malawi { The Living Jewels of Lake Malawi}
Southernmost of the great lakes of Africa's rift system, Malawi boasts more fish species than any other lake in the world. Ichthyologist Peter Reinthal and photographer Bill Curtsinger document the bizarre life- styles of unique and colorful species.
Growing Up in East Harlem
Amid the poverty and epidemic drug use of New York City's el barrio - - Spanish Harlem - - Jere Van Dyk discovers a stubborn streak of optimism. Photographs by Joseph Rodriguez.
India's Maha Kumbh Mela: Sacred Space, Sacred Time { Sacred Space, Sacred Time: India's Maha Kumbh Mela Draws Millions}
At a time determined by astrologers, about once every 12 years, millions of Hindus throng to the confluence of the Ganges and the Yamuna Rivers for India's largest religious festival. Writer- photographer Tony Heiderer witnesses this ritual of purificat
Along the Grand Trunk Road { Searching for India: Along the Grand Trunk Road}
The highway built by the British in the mid- 1800's from Calcutta to Peshawar follows a route laid down over the centuries. Like Rudyard Kipling, who earlier traveled this way, Harvey Arden encounters all castes and kinds of men. Photographs by Raghub;
California Earthquake- -Prelude to The Big One? { Earthquake- -Prelude to The Big One? }
Sixty- three people died in last October's catastrophe, and more than 28, 000 buildings were damaged or destroyed. But the quake released only a sixtieth the energy of that in 1906, and Californians ponder what may lie ahead. Thomas Y. Canby examines th
Africa's Great Rift Valley { Africa's Great Rift}
Slashing from the Red Sea to Mozambique, an immense system of faults cuts deep across the face of East Africa, creating a landscape of extremes. Limnologist Curt Stager reports on varied environments in this geologically active area. Photographs by Chr;


General Motors Corporation ( GM) : Chevrolet Caprice: The 1991 Chevrolet Caprice. Prepare To Be Impressed. { Chevrolet Motor Company}
Allstate Insurance Company: Allstate Insurance: When Drivers Drink, Car Insurance Rates Get High
Sears, Roebuck And Company: Oshkosh B' gosh: For Those Who Don' t Need A Lot Of Structure
Chrysler Corporation: Chrysler Eagle Premier ES Limited: Think Of It As A Two Seater With Room For 5
Chrysler Corporation: Chrysler Eagle Talon Tsi: !
NordicTrack, Inc. : NordicTrack: Why It Takes Legwork To Flatten Your Stomach { CML Company}

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