National Geographic July 1990 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine July 1990

National Geographic July 1990


Florida Watershed { South Florida Water: Paying the Price}
Once shunned as mosquito- infested swampland, the watery wilderness of south Florida has been drained, dredged, and diked for farms and cities. But these spectacular feats of engineering have wreaked havoc on the environment, according to Nicole Duplaix.
The Timeless Mystique of Emeralds { Emeralds}
Coveted by kings and commoners alike for thousands of years, these green gems are still wrested from the earth, cut, and polished mostly by hand. And some are still transported the old- fashioned way - - by smuggling, says author- photographer Fred Ward,
The Coral Reefs of Florida Are Imperiled { Florida's Coral Reefs Are Imperiled}
Formed by tiny marine organisms called polyps, coral reefs take centuries to grow - - and only years to decay. Water pollution and damage by careless boaters and divers threaten their survival. For three decades, author- photographer Fred Ward and photog
Hawaii's Volcanic Cradle of Life
High on the slopes of volcanoes that gave birth to these islands, ferns sprout in lava cracks and spiders spin webs in the molds of incinerated trees - - models of adaptation. Biologist William H. Amos shows how a handful of microscopic life- forms arriv
Long Journey of the Pacific Salmon
Returning to their riverine birthplaces to spawn and die, Pacific salmon face dangers beyond hungry eagles and Indian nets. Commercial fleets, multiple dams, and the effects of clear- cut logging take an increasing toll. Jere Van Dyk and photographer Na;


Chrysler Corporation: Chrysler Imperial: Americans Just Don' t Understand The Quality Of Our Cars . . .
General Motors Corporation ( GM) : General Motors Quality Network: Take A Look Inside Our New Cars And Trucks. That' s Where The Big Changes In GM Quality Are.
Pontiac: Pontiac Grand Prix: Our Latest Award- Winning Performance { General Motors Corporation ( GM) }
National Geographic Society: National Geographic Society Membership: Take Your Friends To New Heights With National Geographic!
Eastman Kodak Company: Kodacolor Film: Show Your True Colors
Chrysler Corporation: Dodge Ram Wagon: If You Can' t Pack It Or Pull It With This, Forget It

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